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”Plasmofluidic Microlenses for Label-Free Optical Sorting of Exosomes” X Zhu, A Cicek, Y Li, AA Yanik - Scientific Reports ,9 (1), 8593 (2019)

“Plasmofluidic Nanoporous Gold Membranes for Ultrasensitive Raman Spectroscopy” X. Zhu, P. Daggumati, E. Seker, and AA Yanik, in Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress, OSA Technical Digest, paper SW5D.4. (2019)

"Nanostructure Introduces Artifacts in Quantitative Immunofluorescence by Influencing Fluorophore Intensity"  Chapman C.A.R.; Zhu X.; Chen H.; Yanik A.A.; Lein P.J.; Seker E., Nature Group Scientific Reports 7 (1), 427 (2017)

"Hot electron dynamics and internal photoemission limits" I Hossain, A Cicek, AA Yanik - CLEO: QELS Fund. Science (2016)

“Optofluidic plasmonic NanoLenses: High throughput single bacterial cell sorting" X Zhu, A Cicek, AA Yanik - CLEO: Science and Innovations (2016)

"Plasmonic NanoLenses: Size Based Sorting of Bacteria Like Bio-Particles" X Zhu, AA Yanik, Frontiers in Optics 2015, OSA Technical Digest (2015)

"Ultrasensitive optofluidic-nanoplasmonic BioNEMS for life sciences and point-of-care diagnostics" AA Yanik, Proceedings Volume 8990, Silicon Photonics IX; 89900R (2014)

"Discontinuous Nanoporous Membranes Reduce Non‐Specific Fouling for Immunoaffinity Cell Capture"  Mittal S.; Wong I.Y.; Yanik A.A.; Deen W.M.; Toner M. Small 9 (24), 4207-4214 (2013)

"Fano-resonant asymmetric metamaterials for ultrasensitive spectroscopy and identification of molecular monolayer"  Wu C.;, AB Khanikaev A.B.; Adato R.; Arju N.; Yanik A.A.; Altug H.; Shvets G., Nature Materials 11 (1), 69-75 (2012)

"Plasmonics for Ultrasensitive Nanospectroscopy and Optofluidic-Plasmonics Biosensors" H Altug, A.A. Yanik, R. Adato, S. Aksu, A. Artar, M Huang, Plasmonics and Plasmonic Metamaterials: Analysis and Applications. Edited by Tsukerman Igor et al. Published by World Scientific, 2012. pp. 167-195

"Overcoming Mass-Transport Limitations with Optofluidic Plasmonic Biosensors and Particle Trapping" Altug H.; Yanik A.A.; Artar A.; Adato R.; Cetin A.E.; Huang M.; Connor J.H. Optochemical Nanosensors, Edited by Cusano A.; Arregui J. F.; Giordano M.; Cutolo A. Published by Taylor & Francis 2012. pp. 439-454

"On chip plasmonic monopole nano-antennas and circuits"  R Adato, AA Yanik et al., Nano Lett. 11 (12), 5219-5226 (2011)

"Flexible Plasmonics: Flexible Plasmonics on Unconventional and Nonplanar Substrates" S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, AA Yanik, et al., Advanced Materials 23 (38), 4421-4421 (2011)

"Flexible plasmonics on unconventional and nonplanar substrates"  S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, AA Yanik, S Selvarasah, MR Dokmeci, H Altug, Advanced Materials 23 (38), 4422-4430 (2011)

"Directional double Fano resonances in plasmonic hetero-oligomers"  A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Nano letters 11 (9), 3694-3700 (2011)

"Seeing protein monolayers with naked eye through plasmonic Fano resonances"  AA Yanik et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 108 (29), 11784-11789 (2011)

"Multispectral plasmon induced transparency in coupled meta-atoms" A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Nano letters 11 (4), 1685-1689 (2011) 

"Large-scale plasmonic microarrays for label-free high-throughput screening" TY Chang, M Huang, AA Yanik et al., Lab on a Chip 11 (21), 3596-3602 (2011)

"An Optofluidic-nanoplasmonic biosensor for direct detection of live viruses from biological media" AA Yanik, M Huang, O Kamohara, A Artar, TW Geisbert, JH Connor et al., Nano letters 10 (12), 4962 (2010)

"High-throughput nanofabrication of infrared plasmonic nanoantenna arrays for vibrational nanospectroscopy" S Aksu, AA Yanik et al., Nano letters 10 (7), 2511-2518  (2010)

"Integrated nanoplasmonic-nanofluidic biosensors with targeted delivery of analytes"  AA Yanik, M Huang, A Artar, TY Chang, H Altug, Applied Physics Letters 96 (2), 021101  (2010)

"Radiative engineering of plasmon lifetimes in embedded nanoantenna arrays" R Adato, AA Yanik et al., Optics Express 18 (5), 4526-4537 (2010)

"Nanostructure biosensors and systems and methods of use thereof"  H Altug, AA Yanik,  et al. , US Patent App. 13/513,721 (2009) 

"Nanoantenna arrays for nanospectroscopy, methods of use and methods of high-throughput nanofabrication"  H Altug, AA Yanik, S Erramilli, R Adato, S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, US Patent App. 13/509,545 (2009)

"Sub-wavelength nanofluidics in photonic crystal sensors"  M Huang, AA Yanik et al., Optics Express 17 (26), 24224-24233 (2009)

"Ultra-sensitive vibrational spectroscopy of protein monolayers with plasmonic nanoantenna arrays"  R Adato, AA Yanik et al., PNAS 106 (46), 19227-19232  (2009)

"Fabry–Pérot nanocavities in multilayered plasmonic crystals for enhanced biosensing"  A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Applied Physics Letters 95 (5), 051105 (2009)

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