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"Nanostructure Introduces Artifacts in Quantitative Immunofluorescence by Influencing Fluorophore Intensity"  Chapman C.A.R.; Zhu X.; Chen H.; Yanik A.A.; Lein P.J.; Seker E., Nature Group Scientific Reports 7 (1), 427 (2017)

"Hot electron dynamics and internal photoemission limits" I Hossain, A Cicek, AA Yanik - CLEO: QELS Fund. Science (2016)

“Optofluidic plasmonic NanoLenses: High throughput single bacterial cell sorting" X Zhu, A Cicek, AA Yanik - CLEO: Science and Innovations (2016)

"Plasmonic NanoLenses: Size Based Sorting of Bacteria Like Bio-Particles" X Zhu, AA Yanik, Frontiers in Optics 2015, OSA Technical Digest (2015)

"Ultrasensitive optofluidic-nanoplasmonic BioNEMS for life sciences and point-of-care diagnostics" AA Yanik, Proceedings Volume 8990, Silicon Photonics IX; 89900R (2014)

"Discontinuous Nanoporous Membranes Reduce Non‐Specific Fouling for Immunoaffinity Cell Capture"  Mittal S.; Wong I.Y.; Yanik A.A.; Deen W.M.; Toner M. Small 9 (24), 4207-4214 (2013)

"Fano-resonant asymmetric metamaterials for ultrasensitive spectroscopy and identification of molecular monolayer"  Wu C.;, AB Khanikaev A.B.; Adato R.; Arju N.; Yanik A.A.; Altug H.; Shvets G., Nature Materials 11 (1), 69-75 (2012)

"Plasmonics for Ultrasensitive Nanospectroscopy and Optofluidic-Plasmonics Biosensors" H Altug, A.A. Yanik, R. Adato, S. Aksu, A. Artar, M Huang, Plasmonics and Plasmonic Metamaterials: Analysis and Applications. Edited by Tsukerman Igor et al. Published by World Scientific, 2012. pp. 167-195

"Overcoming Mass-Transport Limitations with Optofluidic Plasmonic Biosensors and Particle Trapping" Altug H.; Yanik A.A.; Artar A.; Adato R.; Cetin A.E.; Huang M.; Connor J.H. Optochemical Nanosensors, Edited by Cusano A.; Arregui J. F.; Giordano M.; Cutolo A. Published by Taylor & Francis 2012. pp. 439-454

"On chip plasmonic monopole nano-antennas and circuits"  R Adato, AA Yanik et al., Nano Lett. 11 (12), 5219-5226 (2011)

"Flexible Plasmonics: Flexible Plasmonics on Unconventional and Nonplanar Substrates" S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, AA Yanik, et al., Advanced Materials 23 (38), 4421-4421 (2011)

"Flexible plasmonics on unconventional and nonplanar substrates"  S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, AA Yanik, S Selvarasah, MR Dokmeci, H Altug, Advanced Materials 23 (38), 4422-4430 (2011)

"Directional double Fano resonances in plasmonic hetero-oligomers"  A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Nano letters 11 (9), 3694-3700 (2011)

"Seeing protein monolayers with naked eye through plasmonic Fano resonances"  AA Yanik et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 108 (29), 11784-11789 (2011)

"Multispectral plasmon induced transparency in coupled meta-atoms" A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Nano letters 11 (4), 1685-1689 (2011) 

"Large-scale plasmonic microarrays for label-free high-throughput screening" TY Chang, M Huang, AA Yanik et al., Lab on a Chip 11 (21), 3596-3602 (2011)

"An Optofluidic-nanoplasmonic biosensor for direct detection of live viruses from biological media" AA Yanik, M Huang, O Kamohara, A Artar, TW Geisbert, JH Connor et al., Nano letters 10 (12), 4962 (2010)

"High-throughput nanofabrication of infrared plasmonic nanoantenna arrays for vibrational nanospectroscopy" S Aksu, AA Yanik et al., Nano letters 10 (7), 2511-2518  (2010)

"Integrated nanoplasmonic-nanofluidic biosensors with targeted delivery of analytes"  AA Yanik, M Huang, A Artar, TY Chang, H Altug, Applied Physics Letters 96 (2), 021101  (2010)

"Radiative engineering of plasmon lifetimes in embedded nanoantenna arrays" R Adato, AA Yanik et al., Optics Express 18 (5), 4526-4537 (2010)

"Nanostructure biosensors and systems and methods of use thereof"  H Altug, AA Yanik,  et al. , US Patent App. 13/513,721 (2009) 

"Nanoantenna arrays for nanospectroscopy, methods of use and methods of high-throughput nanofabrication"  H Altug, AA Yanik, S Erramilli, R Adato, S Aksu, M Huang, A Artar, US Patent App. 13/509,545 (2009)

"Sub-wavelength nanofluidics in photonic crystal sensors"  M Huang, AA Yanik et al., Optics Express 17 (26), 24224-24233 (2009)

"Ultra-sensitive vibrational spectroscopy of protein monolayers with plasmonic nanoantenna arrays"  R Adato, AA Yanik et al., PNAS 106 (46), 19227-19232  (2009)

"Fabry–Pérot nanocavities in multilayered plasmonic crystals for enhanced biosensing"  A Artar, AA Yanik, H Altug, Applied Physics Letters 95 (5), 051105 (2009)

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